Global Events

2015.05.08 | Guinness World Record

In May 2015, the TIENS Group 20th Anniversary Celebration Nice Station" series of events was held in the beautiful Nice Côte d'Azur, France. More than 6,700 business partners from more than 50 Countries.

On May 8, 2015, TIENS business partners from around the world joined hands and made a concerted effort to use the creative spelling of the huge words "TIENS'DREAM IS NICE IN THE COTE D'AZUR" ( TIENS' dream is Nice on the Cote d'Azur ), adding a beautiful landscape to Nice in May and setting a Guinness World Record for large-scale human themed creative writing.

2021.10.16 | China • Tianjin

The TIENS Global Co-Creation Partnership Conference and Group 26th Anniversary Ceremony was held at the TIENS International Convention Center. Across Geographical and time zone restrictions, hundreds of countries and tens of millions of TIENS families gathered together to enjoy themselves! TIENS will continue to pursue its dream. Guided by the "New Replacement and Transcendence Theory", TIENS will accelerate the implementation of a One Body Multi-Wings strategy based on the concept of "coexistence, sharing and win-win".

2022.02.19 | China • Tianjin

TIENS Group's 2022 Global Carnival and Annual Festival Kick-off Meeting officially kicked off with TIENS people from around the world singing "Song of the Lion" with passion. Through various live streaming platforms such as JTMM, V-Share, On-line Shopping, and Health Care Talk/Jian Yang Shuo, connect to branch venues in many parts of the world in multiple languages, broadcast the full live broadcast, and enjoy interacting online and offline with hundreds of millions of TIENS families in 224 countries and regions around the world to paint a colorful picture of TIENS 2022.

2023.10.09 | China • Tianjin
TIENS has begun implementing a new One Body Multi-Wings strategic planning project. Nearly 10,000 TIENS families from all over the world gathered at TIENS International Health Industrial Park to witness and open a new chapter in TIENS. 2023 was another year of take-off, a year of quantitative and qualitative change, and a year of continuing to write new stories.
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