Disclaimer | Authorized Stores - Franchises

28 Dec, 2023

It is hereby notified to the public that Tianshi International Pak Co.(Pvt) Ltd is an affiliated setup of an international company “ TIENS GROUP LTD” duly incorporated in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance 1984 in the year 2002, engaged in the business of import, sales, and marketing of Neutraceutical Products and Healthcare devices, which are fully compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements. The Company is selling its products through its branches, and authorized Stores/Franchises. Moreover, the Company at the moment has four (04) branches and Eighteen (18) Authorized Stores/Franchises for the Sales of its products to customers/members. The attached list below displays the authorized stores that are currently in use, and their status may change from time to time.

NOTE: Anyone dealing with any other office/group/individual will be doing so at his/her own risk and the Company will not be held responsible for any losses/damages suffered by such persons directly or indirectly.

Tianshi International Pakistan Official Disclaimer.
23 Dec, 2023

It is announced for the information of customers and the general public that some individuals and groups have set up their own offices that are not authorized by the company. Taking advantage of our company's name and obtaining unwarranted amounts from the general public.

The Customers and general public must remain vigilant against groups or individuals who falsely claim association with our company. Verify official channels and contact information directly through the company's official website or reliable sources to avoid potential scams or misinformation.

Tianshi being an enterprise of international reputation, pursuing a long-term business venture in Pakistan has always been concerned with being a compliant enterprise with all the laws, rules & regulations of Pakistan.

It is hereby requested that please report any illegal behavior related to the company's reputation to us immediately. Our collaboration with appropriate departments will enable us to investigate and secure the legitimate rights and interests of both the company and its customers.

Tianshi International Pakistan Official Disclaimer.
12 Dec, 2023

Dear Users:

It has come to our attention that our company's products are being sold on some online e-commerce platforms that are not authorized by the company to be sold. To safeguard the rights and interests of our company and our customers, we have made the following announcements:

• Disown The Sales Of Products Through Unofficial Channels:

We solemnly declare that the official sales channels of our products are our company's branches and Authorized Stores. Sales of our Products on online platforms are not authorized or approved for sale by our company. It should be noted that the price of our products on online platforms may fluctuate, which could cause concerns about their safety, quality, and source. Therefore, we strongly urge customers to purchase products through our official channels to ensure product safety, quality, and after-sales service.

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