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Orecare Chinese Herbal Toothpaste

Chinese Herbal Toothpaste Orecare contains extracts from original Chinese herbs used in China for thousands of years.


It’s an herbal tooth paste that contains various herbs like sarcandra, honey suckles and wild chrysanthemum extract.
It gives natural beauty to teeth.
It eliminates tarter.
It strengthens tooth and gums.

Main Ingredients:
Matricariaindica extract, cellulose gum, sodium saccharin, tetra sodium pyrophosphate, Methyl paraben, menthol, sodium copper chlorophyllin.

Method of use:
2-3 times a day especially at morning after breakfast and before sleeping.

Stop using in case of allergy or irritation.

Pack size:
One pack contains 130 grams paste and one tooth brush.
Store at cool and dry place. 
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