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TIENS Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

Simple and easy installation and replacement.Five level filtration which effectively purify the raw water and retain good minerals in water.


Simple and easy installation and replacement.
Five level filtration which effectively purify the raw water and retain good minerals in water.
Hollow fiber external pressure ultra-filtration membrane unit. Large water flow and less liable to be blocked.
Pump-free low pressure operation. Noiseless and effectively reduce the risk of tube burst and water leakage.
Brand-new buckle type filter cartridges. Easily detachable and convenient installation.
Disposable all-in-one closed filter cartridge.
Integrated water line structures. Avoid unnecessary pipeline leakage.

Method of Use:
Install the water purifier at a suitable place.
Make sure that the handle of dual-cut tap is at “raw water” position.
Then turn on the water tap and flush the dual-cut tap for about 2 minutes.
Rotate the handle of dual-cut tap to “purification” position and the raw water will enter into the machine.
Keep the machine in operation for over half an hour.
The handle of dual-cut tap shall stay at “purification “position when using the water purifier.
Turn on the Tap water when the user needs to purify the water, and similarly close the water tap when purification is not needed.
Replace filter cartridges periodically and keep water fresh and clean.

Special shaped taps are not applicable to this product.
Check the condition of the filter cartridges periodically and replace it timely.
Do not store or expose the machine to environment under 0 °C.
To ensure water quality, please use this product under the condition of municipal tap water with raw water pressure being 0.1-0.35 MPa.
Cut off the water if the machine is deactivated for long-term. 

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