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Acupoints Treasure Multi-Functional Apparatus

Acupoints Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus

Based on the principle of ancient Chinese acupuncture, scraping and plum acupuncture, and combined with digital low frequency pulse, TIENS Acupoints Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus is a health care product using the electromagnetic energy to dredge the channel and achieve the physical therapeutic effect. 


Multifunctional Head-care Apparatus is an integrated health care apparatus which can balance blood pressure and provide laser healthcare and vibrating massage, through intelligent mono-chip management system.

It has following health benefits;
Balance blood pressure through specific Acu-points therapy
Prevents heart diseases and baldness.
It is very helpful to get rid of fatigue, headache and dizziness.
Note: Read the instruction book carefully before using this device.

Method of use:
This device is for multiple purpose and vibration options can be chosen according to self-condition like headache, backache, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue etc. Switch on the device and start therapy for set time.
Pregnant women, persons having brain or liver issues, patient having pace maker in their body should not use this device. 

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