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Tiens: Standing at higher area and everything is going to globally

On March 27, 2023 China-Thailand Direct Selling Cultural Exchange Seminar sponsored by Dilui Group was held in Pattaya Hotel, Thailand. Entrepreneurs of direct selling industry from China and Thailand attended the grand meeting and discussed the development of China-Thailand direct selling industry and the road of globalization of enterprises through discussion, communication and enterprise achievement sharing.

Mr. Wang Guangyong, Assistant President of Asia Pacific Division of Tiens Group, was invited to attend this event and gave a keynote speech as a special guest. Under the theme of "Building a New and win-win Future", he shared the development situation and main measures of Tiens Group in terms of global layout and third venture.

Mr. LAN Long, member of Parliament of Pattaya, Thailand, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Thailand, saying that with deepening cooperation and mutual trust, expanding economic and trade relations, increasing cultural exchanges and accumulating fruits of friendship between China and Thailand, the concept of "China and Thailand as one family" will surely be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples and the development of the two countries will usher in an even brighter future.

Pattaya Member of Parliament Mr. LAN Long Chiu (left) Mr. Wang Guangyong, Assistant President of Asia Pacific Division of Tiens Group (right)

Three leaps open the door of the world

Since its establishment 28 years ago, Tiens Group has developed into an international enterprise group covering biotechnology, health management, hotel tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade and many other fields. With branches in 110 countries and business covering 224 countries and regions, Tiens Group serves more than 47 million household consumer groups around the world. It has created tens of millions of jobs and business opportunities worldwide, contributing to the career development and physical and mental health of hundreds of millions of people. In recent years, Tiens Group is closely following the development of The Times, based on the new cross-border development strategy of "One body with multiple wings", vigorously expand its global business, and realize the third take-off with high-quality development.


In his keynote speech, Mr. Wang Guangyong shared that in the post-epidemic era, along with the pace of consumption upgrading, the young group has gradually become the mainstream consumer group, and the new retail model of the integration of offline and online traffic channels centering on consumers is highly respected. Therefore, Tiens Group sized up the situation and promoted the strategy of "all staff marketing, all staff live broadcasting and all staff investment". The so-called full-staff marketing means that all the management staff of Tiens from top to bottom and every direct selling system in the world do the promotion, so that the culture and brand of Tiens as well as the health products and concepts can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which is also an important cornerstone for the success of the group. All staff live broadcasting, that is, all the management staff of Tiens from top to bottom and every direct selling system in the world should rely on social network, network celebrity live broadcasting and other new marketing means to attract customers, which is a breakthrough in marketing upgrading under the new situation. All the staff attract investment, that is all the management staff of Tiens from top to bottom and every direct selling system in the world should rely on the global brand and influence of Tiens, and seek partners in one body multiple wings and various modules, which is a long-term layout for the next stage and even the future.

Based on the "Three Globalization Strategy", as the core development engine of the third take-off, Tiens Group mobilizes all management personnel and global marketing system to participate in and promote global investment projects. Everybody disseminates brand culture and big health concept, and Everybody upgrades marketing methods with the help of social networks and live streaming of Internet celebrities. Relying on the global brand and influence of Tiens, everybody seeks partners of all modules with one body and multiple wings. Through scene interpretation, immersive experience, intelligent interaction, VR virtual reality and other colorful forms of digital technology and cultural interaction, everybody presents the new trend of the diversified layout of Tiens, focuses on the drive of scientific and technological innovation, improves user interactive experience, and leads the brand youth and the development of the big health industry. We will create a sound ecological environment for our partners, foster the development direction of win-win cooperation, shared alliance and partnership and entrepreneurship, and build an ecological circle of great global development and good development.

One body Multi wings global growth reconstruction value

Concentric walk, broken like potential bamboo. In 2023, the integrated multi-wing global investment strategy of Tiens Group has been fully rolled out, opening all over the world. "One Body and Multiple Wings" of Tiens consists of six business units: New Direct selling, Taijisheng Experience Store, cross-border e-commerce, global supply chain, Aoreland International Tourism, and Taijisheng Hospital. Through good mechanism and good model, the interconnection of one body and multiple wings is realized. Tiens Global investment Promotion, relying on the global political and commercial resources, financial media resources, registration and inspection resources, customs resources, supply chain resources, payment system and capital channels, tax resources, legal counsel resources and localized operation system accumulated in the past 28 years, Through branches in 110 countries and regions, more than 10,000 localized employees and 32,000 authorized stores, we provide international professional services to the outstanding team joining Tiens, and utilize global online and offline channel resources, big data, intelligence, financial big sharing, block chain, metauniverse and other scientific and technological means. It has established a global unified operation management sharing system, education and training sharing system, logistics supply sharing system, commodity recruitment and procurement sharing system, customs clearance and inspection reporting sharing system, fund payment sharing system, legal tax collection sharing system, cross-border e-commerce sharing system, customer service sharing system, talent team sharing system, etc., to ensure smooth and barrier-free operation. We will help our partners to accelerate their growth, expand overseas markets, escort their global development, and create a new win-win future together.

MR. Wang Guangyong said, who investment more who gets more benefit. Tiens Group's global investment projects, through the development of attractive incentive schemes to stimulate subjective initiative, under the guidance of education and training system to support and help business development, the application of big data in Taiwan iterative upgrade to achieve integrated multi-wing interconnection, to build a growth platform for great partners, paving the ladder of success and the mutual achievement. Let's work together to make the career of Tiens more beautiful and make everyone's life better. Tiens, with the most sincere and open mind, opens the door to the elites from all walks of life, outstanding entrepreneurs, old and new friends and strategic partners, and opens the door to win-win cooperation, sharing alliance and partnership and entrepreneurship.

Bloom Thailand global investment expansion

Only by looking at the world from the global perspective can we promote the growth of Tiens Group's "new globalization". As an excellent Chinese enterprise that has been in the global marelet for decades, Tiens Group is always committed to bringing Chinese high-quality products to global consumers, and pushing Oriental traditional health wisdom and Chinese national brands to the global stage. To this end, Tiens Group has built a global ecological service platform serving more than 47 million household consumer groups around the world, and formed strategic alliances with outstanding enterprises from many countries around the world, making the third venture of Tiens Group a new leap forward.

Wang Guangyong confidently introduced to the guests that Thailand is one of the markets Tiens Group will focus on investment and development in 2023. In accordance with the idea of increasing investment, accelerating pace and strengthening integration, with the care, help and support of the Thai government and friends from all walks of life, Tiens Group is committed to providing quality health products and lifestyle for the Thai people. We will provide international talent training and employment channels for Thailand, and promote more high-quality products with local Thai characteristics to the world through Tiens Global platform. Meanwhile, we will actively practice our social responsibility, devote ourselves to charity, and contribute to the economic development of Thailand with practical actions.

When the global investment strategy of Tiens Group is fully implemented, we hope to discover and attract more outstanding Thai talents and teams to join Tiens, make concerted efforts, share resources and make unremitting efforts to jointly open a new chapter of Tiens in the future under the changing environment, and make contributions to the vigorous development of Thailand.

It is believed that under the premise of steadily grasping the development opportunities of "RCEP" and "One Belt and One Road", Tiens Group will provide consumers with more comprehensive and superior product and service experience by conscientiously implementing the strategic deployment of domestic and international circulation, and will surely accelerate the strategic layout in the global scope and help people of all countries realize mass entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Help people to achieve a healthy and prosperous life, to achieve the leapfrog take-off of Tiens Group.