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Mega Launching of AiRiz
4th of November 2010 was memorable day for TIENS Pakistan, as for the first time company launched its products namely Airiz napkin in all the cities where company has a branch. This event was held in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Multan on same time and almost the same way. 
Madam “Amelia” Managing Director, TIENS & Banner Store Pakistan, especially went to Karachi, to boost the morale of the distributor team and the female who joined the event. Through her message to all the branches and all participants, she made her presence felt everywhere and presented her message to the local city distributors. 
All the distributors were very excited on the day, especially the female distributors because the new product was a purely female related product and in most of the venues it was attended, presented and demonstrated by them. So they felt very comfortable in asking questions and knowing more about the product. Distributors thanked madam “Amelia” and the company for boosting up the female team’s morale.  
Company is featuring about the prodcut
Company conducts training to participants about the product for awarness to the users.