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TIENS Pakistan Branch 2017 Convention Held Grandly

TIENS Pakistan Branch 2017 Convention Held Grandly

On January 4th, 2017, TIENS Pakistan Branch 2017 Convention was grandly held in Jinah Conference Center of Islamabad. More than 2000 Tiens business partners from local and peripheral markets attended the conference. Although the business partners of Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Karachi and many other areas were unable to go to the venue, they watched the spectacular event online.

Venue of the conference

During the conference President of Asia-Pacific Region first expressed his gratitude to all business partners who came to the conference from across various regions. He said, “The year of 2016 witnessed the strenuous efforts of Tiens Pakistan Branch as well as all the achievements and glories realized by Tiens business partners. Year 2017 will open a new chapter for all Tiens citizens. It is hoped that our business partners may follow closely the development strategies proposed by Chairman Li, and strive to gain health, success and beautiful life in the coming year!”

Chairman Li delivered a speech via remote video connection

Chairman Li extended his congratulations on the successful meeting via remote video connection. He communicated and interacted with the business partners directly at the meeting. He also gave a speech on the market appeal and the special advantages of the new compensation plan, which had won warm applauses.

All management staffs were making commitment

Commitment by the president and all management staffs as an end. Pakistan will move forward in 2017! We firmly believe that under the foresight layout of Mr Chairman Li, where there is a will, mission will surely be completed!



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