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2022 TIENS Group Global Partnership Promotion Conference was Grandly Held in Indonesia Launching the First Metaverse Ambassador "Tiensy"

Joining hands and moving forward towards the future. On December 17th, 2022, TIENS Group Global Partnership Promotion Conference was held in Sentul International Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia. More than 15,000 people from over 100 countries and regions attended the meeting, and more than 20 million people from all over the world watched and participated in the live-streaming broadcast online. All Tiens people would work as one team to embark on a new glory of Tiens’ cause and jointly compose a new future for the growth of the enterprise.

TIENS Group Global Partnership Promotion Conference

The conference focused on the Tiens’ ecological layout of Metaverse on the "Three Comprehensiveness Strategy", namely, Global Marketing, Global Live-streaming and Global Partnership. The new trend of Tiens' layout in multiple business areas was presented through melodramas, immersive experience, intelligent interaction, virtual reality, and other abundant digital technologies and cultural interaction forms. At the conference, Tiens launched the first Metaverse image ambassador "Tiensy". Through the drive of scientific and technological innovation, Tiens will be dedicated to improving user interaction experience and catering for more youngsters..

The first Metaverse image ambassador "Tiensy"

At the conference, Tiens Group signed a series of global strategic cooperation agreements with a number of market partners from China, Indonesia, Hungary, Kazakhstan and other countries that have reached cooperation intentions. Relying on the global platform of Tiens Group, all partners will work closely in multiple business sectors of “One Body Multi-wings” strategy, making full use of Tiens' global brand, global supply chain, global payment system, global marketing network and operation system, global cross-border e-commerce platform, global information technology and other advantageous resources to help more local enterprises in various countries quickly move to overseas markets and create a win-win new future.

The signing ceremony of “One Body Multi-wings” strategy

In November this year, the much-anticipated Association of International Economic Strategy was inaugurated in Beijing, China. The Association, composed of political experts, industry leaders, well-known entrepreneurs and other expert resources, is committed to building an international cooperation and exchange platform for global enterprises in providing advice for internationalization and new globalization growth. This conference announced the establishment of the European Branch of the Association, and invited Mr. Jiri Paroubek, the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to serve as the President of the European Branch. In addition to Europe, the Association will set up branches in Asia Pacific, America, Africa, the Middle East, to provide broader development opportunities and strong impetus for enterprises from all countries to better develop around the world.

The establishment of the European Branch of the Association of International Economic Strategy

As a global leader in the health industry for 27 years, Tiens Group has constantly made practical exploration for the advanced health promotion. The Sports spirits of strong and healthy body, great courage, teamwork and passion for success coincide with the core of brand values of Tiens Group. At the conference, Olympic champions and sports stars from Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Hungary and other countries signed agreements to become the brand Ambassadors of Tiens Group. Their involvement has integrated sports spirit into enterprise development and injected new strength into the vigorous development. Inspired by famous models, Tiens Group will meet multi-level health needs and achieve a new leapfrog development.

The conference launched a series of new products through new forms of magics and interaction, and the whole event reached its climax within Tiens Health Dancing of more than 15,000 people. Tiens Group will actively optimize the product structure, lead the new trend of health and fashion, and create a new life of health and charm.

Tiens Health Dancing of more than 15,000 people

After the meeting, Tiens Group organized large-scale tourism and cultural exchange activities in Indonesia. Through strengthening understanding of the local history, culture and customs, Tiens people around the world will bring Indonesia more business cooperation and investment opportunities.

Since its establishment in 1995, Tiens Group has become an international enterprise group with its scope of business covering biotechnology, health management, hotel, tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade and many other fields. It has set up branches in 110 countries & regions with its business reaching over 224 countries, served more than 47 million family consumers, andcreated tens of millions of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide. Tiens Group has made great contributions to improving the quality life and physical health of hundreds of millions of people.

The speech of Mr. Li Jinyuan, the Boarding Chairman of Tiens Group

In 1997, Tiens Group entered the global market. As an excellent enterprise that has been operating in the international market for 25 years, Tiens Group has always been committed to bringing high-quality products to global consumers, and promoting the oriental traditional health care wisdom to the global stage. Indonesia, as one of the important markets for Tiens Group's global strategy, has made brilliant achievements after years of operations. Tiens Group highly respects the Muslim belief and guarantees all products are halal from the source of production. It won the Indonesian Hala certificate in 2007 and the SYARIAH certificate in 2013. Over the years, TIENS has always appreciated the care, support and guidance of Indonesian government and regarded giving back to Indonesia’s good will as an important task. It has organized many important activities in Indonesia. Among them, during the Tiens 11th Anniversary Celebration Conference in 2006, nearly 100,000 people from all over the world gathered in Jakarta, which has become quite a hit considering the large scale. In 2016, the 21st anniversary celebration was held in Bali, which has attracted attendance by leaders from the Indonesian government, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, etc. Indonesia is the largest economy of ASEAN and a member country of RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement). In the future, Tiens Group will firmly grasp the development opportunities such as "RCEP" and "the Belt and Road" initiative, give full play to its resource advantages, and deeply develop the Asia Pacific market including Indonesia.

TIENS Group Global Partnership Promotion Conference

Seize the day and make every second counts. After 27 years’ development, Tiens Group is all set to embark on a new journey, as -. the horn of its “third entrepreneurship” is blowing. Tiens will quickly implement the "Three Comprehensiveness Strategy" in the global market, and integrate online and offline channel through a series of activities, such as Supernova program, brand operation, product upgrading, education and training, Taijisun experience store, social media matrix and Türkiye Carnival, to promote the Global Marketing, Global Live-streaming and Global Partnership into all business sectors of One Body Multi-wings Strategy. In the future, by taking advantage of the driving force of economic globalization, Tiens Group will continue to contribute to the world prosperity and development by "Tiens wisdom" from a global perspective, and work closely with strategic partners around the world to write a new chapter of co-prosperity, win-win and co-development of global economy.