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The 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group

In the Flourishing Summer, People Gather Together to Celebrate the 16th Anniversary of Tiens Group

- The 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group in 2011 Was Successfully Held

On August 3, 2011, in the expectations and good wishes of thousands of worldwide Tiens citizens, the Tiens International Health Industrial Park, carrying the health, business, wealth, love, hope and dreams of the worldwide Tiens citizens, was decorated brightly in the summer days full of passion, appearing to be particularly grand with great momentum. On the square, the national flags of several countries flew against wind like a splendid picture of Tiens vigorously developed overseas, reflecting a festive atmosphere. The senior management of Tiens Group, honored guests from the government and the industry and marketing elites of TIENS gathered here to witness the historically extraordinary moment of TIENS – the 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group.
The Tiens company banner billowing in the air during the convention

In the Tiens International Conference Center latest presented, the Tiens family members from worldwide with different languages and different complexions, attracted by the profound Chinese health preservation culture of TIENS and held together by the internationalized brand connotation of TIENS, gathered together to wait for the opening of the 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group, with the yearn for beautiful life, dreams, expectations and good wishes. On the festival of theirs, they were excited and happy, harvesting glory. They have laid the “brilliant road” for themselves with sincerity and hard work, showing their wishes for the birthday of TIENS with the greatest power inside. The shouts in the Conference Center formed a sea of happiness.
The conference site

Tiens people as a family

At 14:00 o’clock, amid the exciting shouts and thunderous applause, Chairman Li Jinyuan, our family head, led the senior management of the Group and VIP guests into the conference hall. They strode with sound steps with their head rising high, as if showing the 16 years’ development of Tiens Group based on the globalized strategy, upholding the dream of great health, fostering excellent brand and performing the responsibility of a corporate citizen. From their posture, we as if saw the development way of Tiens Group from a private enterprise footed in Wuqing, Tianjin, to a transnational enterprise group integrating industrial capital, commercial capital and financial capital, covering such areas as bio-technology, health management, hotel & tourism, education & training, e-commerce, financial investment and real estate.

Upon the countdown of “five, four, three, two and one”, the passionate and exciting performance with great momentum started, formally starting the 16th Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group. With the colorful lights and shocking rhythms like the brilliant achievements and progressive spirit of TIENS, the Conference Center seethed with excitement.

Inspiring drum dance performance

Then, the Conference Hall resounded with the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China and everyone present rose, glowing with health and radiating vigor, looking after the five-star national flag raised on the central screen. At that moment, the Tiens family members were filled with pride as Chinese and Tiens citizens as well as the adoring for such enterprise as China Tiens as overseas Tiens citizens. Raising the national flag and playing the national anthem has been a regular ceremony for each conference event of TIENS, which represents the patriotism of Chairman Li Jinyuan. Together with the globalization progress of Tiens, the bright five-star national flag has been flying against wind above the five continents.

The grand flag-raising ceremony

Vice President Yan Yupeng delivering a speech

Mr. Yan Yupeng, Vice President of Tiens Group, addressed the opening of the event, welcoming and greeting the VIP participants and Tiens marketing partners from the five continents. In his address, President Yan expressed the entrepreneur daring, great ideas and strategic planning of Chairman Li Jinyuan as well as his sincere love to the worldwide Tiens citizens. He also concluded that behind the success of Tiens were the ideas of Chairman Li Jinyuan of human-orientation, governance and protection of the enterprise pursuant to law, keeping pace with the times and continuous innovation, upholding the internationalized development, faithfulness-based idea and the idea of undertaking social commitments with a grateful heart. The persistent and insistent spirit of Chairman Li Jinyuan without complaints was the very source of power guiding Tiens citizens to improve and work hard continuously. President Yan also reviewed the brilliant achievements gained by Tiens under the direction of Chairman Li Jinyuan’s development strategy of “great health industry”, introduced the powerful marketing measures to be implemented by the Global Direct Selling Business Division in the future and described the beautiful future of Tiens development. President Yan’s speech convinced us that the 16-year old Tiens Group is embracing new opportunities for historical development. With the brand logo “BETTER TIENS BETTER LIFE” giving us new brand vitality, Tiens citizens will surely create a better future through our hands and hard work.

When we sang the warm birthday song, we were filled with the best wishes in our hearts. When a huge birthday cake rose gradually from the central stage, Chairman Li Jinyuan, together with the senior management and outstanding marketing partner representatives appeared on the stage to share the happiness to celebrate the birthday of TIENS with everyone present. Standing in front of the cake, Chairman Li Jinyuan made a wish affectionately. With dreams, we will have a better future. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIENS! The beautiful future is just in our hearts and before our eyes.

Chairman Li Jinyuan, along with group senior management and outstanding marketing partners,
celebrating the birthday of Tiens Group

On the celebration event, there were many great performances including melodious songs and fascinating dances. Such performances as Harmonious and Happy, You and I, Eastern Brilliance, I Believe I Can Fly, We Can Work it Out and We are the Champions promoted the atmosphere to the climax time and again.

Brilliant theatrical performance

Brilliant theatrical performance

In the internationalized family of TIENS, success is like the beautiful rainbow appearing in the sky after rain and bright flowers blooming in the vast field; success is also like the burning torches, lighting the hearts filled with hopes and dreams. TIENS has created a vast business platform and erected a gorgeous life stage, allowing the worldwide Tiens citizens to meet on celebration events once and again to share their success, experience, happiness, love and each dream of vitality. On this event, totally over 300 excellent Tiens citizens were praised with great award. They are the messengers of health and wealth, the warriors taking the lead on the market as well as the flagships and beacons directing the team forward. Extraordinariness creates success and hard work leads to brilliance. Choose TIENS, trust TIENS, follow TIENS and make contribution to TIENS, and everyone on the stage of TIENS is equal for the opportunity for success as long as you work hard.

A group photo featuring Chairman Li Jinyuan and award winners

Chairman Li Jinyuan delivering a wonderful speech

The development of TIENS is a result of the painstaking efforts of Chairman Li Jinyuan, the hard work of the constructors as well as the dreams and hopes of all the Tiens citizens worldwide. In the expectation of everyone present, Chairman Li Jinyuan delivered a great speech, making the celebration event reach the climax. Chairman Li Jinyuan reviewed the 16 years’ business history of TIENS based on health industry, insisting globalized development and fostering internationalized brand. He also elaborated in detail the strategic layout and future development planning for the great health industry development of TIENS, depicting the promising prospect and splendid picture for future development based on direct selling business, great health industry, Tai Ji Sun, International Hotel, International University and Life Science & Technology Research Institute. The clangorous speech, powerful words and lofty sentiments of Chairman Li Jinyuan deeply attracted, shocked and moved the heart of each Tiens citizen, giving us an explicit target, great driving force and steadfast confidence. Gathering is like a flame, becoming stars in the sky when scattered. TIENS will inevitably gain great achievements, becoming increasingly prosperous with its foundation built to last.

Excited award winners

Finally, the celebration event ended with the passionate, unconstrained and penetrating song We Are the World. Tiens International Conference Center had become a sea of happiness, with all the Tiens citizens worldwide enjoying themselves in the celebration of Tiens’ 16th Anniversary. Everyone shouted out from the bottom of heart that “TIENS will see a better future! TIENS will be the pacemaker of the industry! TIENS will ascend among the world top 500 earlier!” In the future, we will embrace a new sun every day, realize one after another great dream, striding from victory to victory and from brilliance to brilliance, to a more splendid and beautiful future. Let’s meet for celebration again in 2012!



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