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Dicho Fruit and Vegetable Detergent is natural and mild having powerful cleaning capacity having following benefits;

• Dicho detergent is highly concentrated
• Efficient in cleaning; capable of removing tough oil stains
• Easy to wash off
• Convenient for use.
• Dicho detergent is capable of removing harmful residues on fruit and vegetables.

The Ti-energy bracelet protects the wearer from radiation and keeps fatigue away. Wearing it helps relax the body and improve health. It is currently the world’s most fashionable and environmentally-friendly way to stay healthy.

Tiens offers 4 types of Bracelet series;

1- Crystal Black, Men Edition
2- Magic White, Women Edition
3- Glaring Golden, Women Edition
4- Elegant Black, Men Edition


• Enhance immunity, and alleviate fatigue
• Adjust abnormal bio-currents and magnetic fields in the human body
• Reduce the production of free radicals, and slow down the aging process
• Relieve the sore parts of the body, elevate muscle stiffness
• Dispel fatigue
• Help the body to organize disorderly current
• Relax the mind and relieve muscle tension
• Boost the activation of nerve cells, and alleviate physical discomfort
• Enhance immunity, scavenge free radicals, and fight against aging

It is a beauty care product that can facilitate in-depth cleaning of the skin, therefore, changing the skin tone. Spakare Whitening Toilet Soap delivers the abstracts of Chinese traditional medicines to every cell of skin, making it whiter, brighter and more elastic. Its ingredients are natural, non-irritant & safe to use. Persistent use of this soap makes skin bright smooth healthy & beautiful.
It accelerates the metabolism of skin cells, facilitate the elimination of melanin & toxic materials accumulated in the skin cells, improves blood circulation in the skin & nourishes the skin cells, so making skin soft, silky & brighter.

It is a skin health care product that has Chinese traditional medicines inserted into high quality soap base. Spakare detoxification soap can deeply remove the dirt & grease from the skin pores, making it clean & soft. It has Chinese traditional medicines commonly used for anti-inflammation, detoxification nourishment & moisturization of skin. Its ingredients are natural, non-irritant & safe to use.
As a skin care product, it has following health benefits:
1.Improves immunity by its anti-bacteria & anti-inflammatory action.
2. Nourishes & moisturizes skin.
3.Toxin expelling from the skin so making skin healthy.

A dental care product that is enriched with strontium & Paeonol. Strontium is globally recognized to desensitize teeth & increase teeth’s resistance to acid & moutan peel extract has the effect of resisting acid & inflammation, ceasing bleeding, relieving pain, reducing harmful heat & relieving gum swelling. It contains natural ingredients & safe to use.
As a dental care products, it has following effects:
1. Keeps the teeth clean, natural & whiter.
2. Long lasting protection.
3. Eliminate inflammation.
4. Strengthen gingiva.

It is a dental care product especially designed for children that is enriched with LgY that is a natural active protein & has the effect of strengthening resistance to bacteria & improving immunity. It helps to prevent dental caries safely & effectively. It contains all natural ingredients & safe to use in children.
As a dental care product for kids, it has following features:
1. Fluoride free, a high tech safe formula specially designed for children.
2. Highly efficient in dental caries prevention.
3. Teeth cleaning & long lasting protection.

It is health care product that can normalize human blood pressure by adjusting electrical potential in the head by use of the comb. Meanwhile, by laser irradiation, it improves cardio-vascular blood circulation & prevents cardio vascular diseases. The vibration massage offers a delight sense of comfort, relieves pain & improves memory.
As a health care apparatus, it has following health benefits:
1. Balanced blood pressure.
2. Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.
3. Prevent hair shedding & baldness.
4. Relieves dizziness, fatigue & headache.

Tiens Aura Energy Stone
Tiens Aura Energy Stone Produced uniquely from Korean Mineral Science Technology to provide us with sufficient SCALAR ENERGY, which enriches our Bio-energy field with negative ions

Helps to protect DNA from damage
Strengthens our Body’s bio-field preventing from electro-magnetic waves affecting our health
Increases focus and concentration
Helps to retard the ageing process
Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
Enhances cellular permiability
Reduces inflammation
Promotes unclumping of cells
Enhances blood circulation
Enhances Immune and Endocrine systems
Strengthens the whole body