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TIENS Pakistani Team Departed for Tiens Group 21st Anniversary Celebration in Bali of Indonesia
On Sept. 4, 2016, TIENS Pakistani Team has departed for the passionate Bali of Indonesia, where they will
meet the excellent TIENS business partners from more than 50 countries and regions worldwide and attend
together with them the series activities of TIENS 21st Anniversary Celebration—Bali of Indonesia with the
theme of “New Beginning, New Development, New Future”. Mr. Musurifun Lajawa,
deputy ambassador (acting ambassador) of the Indonesian Embassy in Pakistan, made a special trip to the
Islamabad International Airport to see Tiens Pakistani Team off, hoped they may have a happy journey to Bali,
and offered his best wishes for the success of TIENS 21st Anniversary Celebration!


From Sept. 9 to 10, 2016, Tiens Group will have over 8000 excellent business partners from more than 50
countries and regions go to Bali of Indonesia to attend the 21st Anniversary Celebration—Bali of Indonesia
which can also be regarded as a large-scale people-to-people culture exchange event. Over the past few days
, those business partners of TIENS had departed for Bali of Indonesia in succession. It is expected that it will
need dozens of flights to carry those participants to go the venue, thousands of hotel rooms to accommodate
Tiens guests, and nearly one hundred buses to provide communication service to them. It is believed that besides
promoting the economic development of Bali, this event will also reveal the tourism and cultural charms of Bali
to the world.